!! An Eco-Friendly & Loving Nature!!

All Kind of Faux Fur Manufacture.

!!!Think, Act Globally

!!!Challenge & Innovation,

!!! An Eco-Friendly & Loving Nature !!!

Polyester Long Hair For Trimming & Jacket.

” Think,Act Globally” Challenge & Innovation,

TK Corporation., Ltd.is one of the biggest fake fur  and eco fur manufactures ,exporters  And  also  serve trimming fur for jackets ,out door jackets and Garments accessories.The Company Located In Seoul Korea and China.

TK Corporation ltd was founded in 1992.Which  is leading the global faux fur industry  with excellent technology, quality management and customer service. And we are  offering the highest level of marketing services in various  fields   as well as out door and   industry.We are  continuing to grow in the center of global trading by introducing new products and exploring new markets based on the strength of its rich experience.

For our dream future generation,we  will try to  be the leading company that makes cleaner environment and a brighter future. Thanks.